The Eco-Computer Program

“Computer for Every Child” is proud to cooperate with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which is interested in playing an active role in the national effort to reduce educational gaps, in full alignment with its environmental agenda.

Israel’s boarding school population is estimated at 20,000 children, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it abundantly clear that they do not possess enough computers for school and after-school use. As part of the “Eco-Computer” program, we will provide used and refurbished computers to boarding school children throughout Israel. The use of refurbished computers will help reduce the amounts of electronic waste in Israel’s public areas.

The “Eco-Computer” program, which was established in 2022, is intended for boarding school students, and will be based on a new course of action that does not depend on local municipalities. As we move forward, we will examine the possibility of integrating additional populations into the program.

The program includes guidance and instruction provided by a professional staff, which is donated by the “Sisma Lekol Talmid” (A Password for Every Student) initiative.


Assisting us in this project are the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Sisma Lekol Talmid, and the Ministry of Education.

Program Scope

To date, we have distributed 2000 Eco-Computer kits to 24 boarding schools and youth villages.

2023 Objectives

In 2023, our goal is to distribute kits to an additional 4000 students.