Computer for the Entire Class

“Computer for the Entire Class” is a joint program with the “Sisma Lekol Talmid” (A Password for Every Student) initiative.

At “Computer for Every Child”, we follow the technological and social changes that affect our society, and aspire to adapt our activities to dynamic needs – in an effort to find the most appropriate methods for reducing educational gaps in the areas in which they first materialize.

The “Computer for the Entire Class” program is a step forward in the effort to reduce educational gaps, and aligns with the Ministry of Education’s preparations for new computer-based learning methods and programs.

As part of the program, all 4th grade students in select local municipalities receive a hybrid computer that can be used as a laptop and as a tablet. The dedicated instructors from “Sisma Lekol Talmid” provide instruction to both school teachers and students, in order to ensure that the computer is used in optimal fashion.

The program aims to guide the 4th grade students for three years, until they begin junior high school. Every year, we work with additional 4th grade classes, thus increasing our educational impact in the municipalities in which we work. 

The participation of every local municipality is authorized by our committee for social objectives.  


  • Municipalities from 1-5 clusters
  • Schools from cultivation index 7-10
  • Schools from cultivation index 6 and below – can possibly participate under special conditions.

Program Scope

In 2023, the program operates in 18 local municipalities and 107 schools – affecting 5800 students. Since its establishment, the program has impacted over 21,000 students.

Program Success

The program’s activities are met with great enthusiasm and is highly successful. We have received excellent feedback from the local municipalities, educational staff, parents and students.