Computer for Every Child

As part of our flagship program, we provide computer kits to homes throughout Israel. Our goal is to expose children and their families to computer and database environments.

Over the years, we have provided over 135,000 computer kits in 244 cities and towns throughout all sectors in Israeli society. These kits address the needs of over 600,000 children and parents throughout Israel.

The kits include:

  • A new computer intended for home use
  • 25 hours of face-to-face or remote computer training
  • Select software
  • A 12-month internet connection
  • 3-year technical support


  • 1st-2nd grade children
  • No computer in home due to financial reasons
  • Enrolled in an educational facility recognized by the Ministry of Education

The Process

Participant Selection: Participant identification and selection is executed by the local municipalities, via an appointed steering committee comprised of delegates from the educational department, welfare department, and a public/parent committee representative. The steering committee takes our criteria into consideration, alongside recommendations from the schools and welfare authorities. We conduct a house visit to 50% of selected participants, in order to ensure that the selection was indeed executed in accordance with the appropriate criteria. 

Instruction: Instruction is executed in homogenous groups, by a professional instruction company selected via tender.

Computer Distribution: Executed by computer and internet companies selected via tender. All software is installed prior to computer delivery.