The Digital Divide

The digital gap exists between population groups with regards to computer and internet use, especially at home.

Access to Digital Environments

Computers, software, internet

Digital Literacy

Proficiencies and learning skills in computerized environments

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, approximately 168,000 households in Israel with schoolchildren do not own a computer or have access to the internet. This constitutes 18% of all households in Israel with schoolchildren. 85% of these households– approximately 143,000 households –  are situated in the four lowest socio-economic rankings. It is therefore evident that the boundaries of Israel’s digital divide are clearly defined by socio-economic positioning.

Technological progress creates countless opportunities, but also increases social and educational gaps. The kits we supply children, which include computers, software, internet access and training, serve as an effective tool for reducing digital gaps.

“Computer for Every Child” is leading the national effort to close the digital divide, in order to provide equal opportunities for every child in Israel.

Families With/Without Computer & Internet Connection

Households With Children of School Age

168,051 Households With Children of School Age Without Computer & Internet Connection

Breakdown into Deciles According to Income