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Established by leading Israeli businesspeople and in partnership with the Israeli government, “Computer for Every Child” provides computers, software kits and technological instruction to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal is to equip children with computer and database literacy skills. We are leading the national effort to close the digital divide, in order to provide equal opportunities for every child in Israel.

Our flagship program provides computer kits for homes throughout Israel, in an effort to expose children and their families to computer and database environments.

We provide hybrid computers to all 4th grade students in select cities and towns, which help them prepare for the challenges of the 21st century.

The "Eco-Computer" program is an integral part of our effort to protect the environment. We provide refurbished computers to boarding school students throughout Israel.

The Digital Divide

Increased reliance on technology has widened the gap between those who have access to digital resources, and those who do not. The digital divide impacts children from disadvantaged backgrounds in terms of quality of education, employment opportunities and even social involvement.

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