Vision and Goals

Our Vision

"Computer for Every Child" was established in 1996 thanks to the initiative of leading figures in Israel's business world, is sponsored by the Israeli government, in order to provide computers, software and training to children whose families cannot afford it.

Our aim is to enable children in distressed economic circumstances to acquire computer literacy skills, including logging into the huge databases of knowledge which the Internet offers. All these will assist in developing creative thinking, will contribute to the child's development and self image, and will serve as a lever to narrow the social divide.

E-Inclusion – Bridging the digital divide

New technologies may widen rather than close the education gap,
if an effort is not made to provide equal access to them.

While the number of children with access to computer and internet is growing, there is also a growing gap. This gap is defined by economic line. Children with less access to technology are at a major disadvantage compared to those children with more access, when it comes to seeking better education, better jobs and in the long run even higher levels of civic participation. 

We see the initiative to place computers in the homes of these children and to give them training in basic computer skills, as an effective way of providing equal opportunities and as a lever to narrow social gaps.

To date, over 107,260 computer kits have been distributed, serving approx 500,000 children and parents, in 217 municipalities.