About the Project

The Target

To grant 15,000 computers  packages in 2021 and gradually increase the number of computers given out to 20,000 a year.
  • A new computer in the child's home
  • 45 hours of training, for the child and his/her parents
  • A set of software applications, including educational software
  • Internet connection for 1 year.
  • Warranty and technical support for 3 years
  • Economic circumstances that do not allow the family to purchase a computer (and they do not have one at home
  • Children in grades 2 – 11
  • The children are studying in a school recognized by the Ministry of Education

Our Programs

The Home Computer Package

A new brand-name PC for home use, offered to select families
throughout Israel, complemented by:
• 45 hours of computer training
• Select software & courseware
• 12-month internet connection
• 3-year technical support
• 3-year home service warranty

Computers for the Entire Class

Each and every 4th grade student from pre-selected towns/schools
throughout Israel’s social periphery, is granted a hybrid computer for
school and home use.

The package includes:

• Textbooks and educational software
• Internet connection at home
• 3-year warranty and maintenance
• Training & implementation sessions (includes the educational staff)

Integration Via Computer Literacy

A unique project that aims to provide children with special needs with

skills that will enhance their social integration. Each child receives:

• A computer, accessories & technology adapted to his or her
specific needs
• Personal tutoring & training.

Our Operational & Funding Model

“Computer for Every Child” is a model for successful cooperation
between three sectors: The NGO, the government and municipal
authorities. Each of the three participates in project management,
children selection and funding operations.
The following parties co-fund “Computer for Every Child”:
• “Computer for Every Child”, through cash & cash equivalent
• The Prime Minister’s Office, matches the above contributions
• The municipal authorities (contributions based on socioeconomic
• The children’s families (a marginal contribution)




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